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  • Buddhism is outdated, like the black and white TV

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    2 October 2021 at 20:44
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    For centuries, Buddhism has been a solid and admirable philosophy of life. There are still millions of people who worship the teachings of Buddha. About three years ago I also did a 10-day Vipassana retreat according to Buddhist traditions. That experience certainly helped me to live more mindful and the teachings of Buddha has shown me different perspectives on life topics which were definitely inspiring. Yet in this blog I am about to criticize Buddhism, despite the many positive sides it retains.

    Besides the discrepancy in rules for women and men, nuns have more rules than monks, which were probably not created by Buddha himself but by the rulers of his philosophy after him, the content of the teachings is also outdated. Buddhism is like watching an old black and white TV. The contrast Buddhism shows about what is good, and what is not, can be compared to what gives light and what does not. The teachings of Buddha basically show you a path to enlightenment. It empowers you to live in the moment, by freeing yourself from the ego and its desires, so that you can prevent yourself from suffering, such as disappointments, chasing, craving, and regretting. To me, this way of living is still admirable, but also poor and incomplete. Because Buddhism encourages you to focus only on what gives light and to avoid darkening circumstances it completely forgets all the colors life also has to offer. Life is not only about the light and the dark, as the old TVs showed black and white. Just as there are color televisions, life is full of colors.

    Let’s say that the teachings of Buddha show a white color, pure light. Which means a strong connection with the present moment and the universe. Since white light contains all wavelengths of light that correspond with the colors of the rainbow it too is possible to split up different forms of connection that Buddhism is showing. Because there are primary colors, red, blue, and yellow, there are also primary forms of connection. I’ve discovered three primary forms of connection; gravitation, inter-connection, and satisfying desires. Combining these primary forms of connection, like combining primary colors, creates secondary forms of connection; synchronization, love, and magnetism. The tertiary forms of connection, as tertiary colors, are a combination of the primary and secondary forms of connection.

    In the book I am writing, titled ‘Begrijp Je Eigen Geluk’ (‘Understand your own happiness’), I explain why and how to live better in connection based on thirteen different types of connection. The teachings of Buddha are also included as one of the 13 ways to live connected. Are you interested in what I am writing about? Then, please, let me know. I would love to get connected with you too.

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