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  • Geetanjali Jha

    4 February 2021 at 17:17
    22 NTL Score

    Once upon a time a highly skilled potter named Ishwar, made a beautiful pot. It had the
    capability to cool the water which was stored in it, so that anyone who drank that water, felt
    instantly refreshed.
    Now Ishwar, was not a regular kind of potter. He had some extraordinary skills with which he did
    not just make his beautiful pots, but also instilled life in them. His pots could feel, express and
    request for things they needed. After making each pot, he spoke with it, he sensitised the pot
    about its capabilities,he gave each pot a unique identity and also a name.
    One day, after making a unique vessel, Ishwar spoke with it, he said ” I name you Dayalu. You
    will be kind and generous, you will pour out to others what they need and make lives happier
    where ever you go. But remember, you will need to remind the people that you live with, that
    every day before filling you up with fresh water, you need to be bathed and cleaned so that your
    life span increase and you remain healthy, useful and functional for a long time. You will also
    need to tell them that if they go out somewhere for more than a day, they must empty the water,
    let you dry and then keep you in a clean dry place so that no harm comes to you.”
    The vessel asked Ishwar, “But why would they do so much for me? I am just a thing!”
    Ishwar said, “You will be making their life comfortable by storing and preserving water which is
    vital for the humans, in addition to that you will also imbuene the water with necessary minerals
    that are important for their good health, in return you need a little care so that you can help the
    people in the house for a longer time. The whole world thrives on the concept of giving and
    receiving, if that stops, there will be a great imbalance in the universe. Every particle in the
    world is responsible for giving what it can and receiving with gratitude what it requires. So my
    dear, a clean bath and proper place in the house is what you require, so that you can give the
    best of your virtues to the people you live with. Do not hesitate to ask for this little care, if they
    forget, remind them.”
    Dayalu was not too convinced by this statement and he felt that it is selfish and against his
    benevolent nature to ask for favours. He decided that he would tell his new family once, that he
    requires certain care, but it will be awkward to insist upon it everyday so he would leavebit upto
    them to care for him when they felt fit. He felt comfortable with that thought. Afterall, his sole
    purpose of being created was to give, not to take !
    The very next day, Dayalu was taken by a very enthusiastic family who had heard about the
    magical talents of Ishwar and had travelled a long way to buy one of his special vessels.
    After the introductions, Dayalu told the family that he needs to be cleaned and bathed everyday
    before being filled with fresh water and he has to be emptied, dried and kept in a clean place
    when not in use. The family promised to take care of him.
    Days turned to weeks and weeks to months, the charm and novelty of the magical vessel had
    begun to fade and the family started becoming complacent in its care. Dayalu accepted being
    ignored as he was convinced that his self-sacrifice was the ultimate act of kindness and that if
    his health deteriorated, his family will take good care of him because he kept giving them
    comfort without asking for return. Surely this sacrifice would amount to something in the long
    run, his lovingly family would remember it.
    Dayalu remained unwashed for months, some day when one of the family members had some
    time they would think about washing him up. Many times they forgot to empty him in the cold
    weather and during the time he was not used regularly.
    This neglect started showing its effect on Dayalu’s health. Green algae and mold started
    growing on its outer surface.
    The people who used to look at him and admire his beauty, praise the craftsmanship and
    appreciate the cool delicious water he contained, now avoided looking at him. Sometimes
    Dayalu saw a flicker of disgust on their faces when they came close to him.
    One fateful day after years of neglect, the youngest child of the house took some water from
    Dayalu and saw green slivers of algae in it. He said “YUCK!!!! Mother !!! Father !!! Dayalu is
    giving me water with green things and it smells horrible!!! And see……he has all these cracks in
    the centre.”
    The father asked ” Hey, since when has Dayalu not been cleaned ? The water is dirty and
    Indeed it smells rotten.”
    The wife replied that she did not have time and that it was not just her duty to clean Dayalu.
    Moreover, she said, “Dayalu should have reminded us that he needs to be cared for. We have
    many pressing matters to attend to everyday, so it is likely that we forget this small task…”
    Later that day the family decided to buy a new vessel as there was no way Dayalu could be
    cleaned properly and returned to his previous perfect health. They said Dayalu was beyond
    Dayalu was unceremoniously thrown out of the house and replaced by a new glorious pot the
    very next day.
    That day Dayalu remembered Ishwar’s words, teaching him the importance of caring for himself.
    The theme I want heard is “self care”. We often forget how vital it is to take care of our own
    wellbeing. We have made generosity and selflessness a synonym for self sacrifice. We are
    taught not to be selfish and self centered since a young age. So much so that self care also
    starts feeling selfish. Making your self a priority is no sin. But in certain communities, it is
    assumed that if one is not compromising or troubling himself, in order to help someone , he is a
    selfish person.
    Compassion, love, generosity, benevolence, service, charity are such wonderful words
    with deep meaning and emotions. These words depict the epitome of selflessness and self
    I agree that true generosity and charity lies in giving from your own share and not from your
    luxury, but how far can an empty or almost empty vessel keep giving without drying out?
    Those who give out from their own share are definitely next to God in their selflessness. But in
    the long run, one of the following things usually happens to them – firstly their resources get
    depleted and they suffer, or second, they start expecting return for their favours, after all they
    too need their resources replenished. Then the compassion, generosity and charity converts to
    expectations, disappointments and loss of faith. In both the cases the generous selfless person
    becomes bitter, which is not good at all.
    We often save the best of things and expressions for others but forget to use those for
    Someone who is generous and kind also has a great responsibility to heal the world and by
    caring for self he can care better for the world. Remember the ancient yogic axiom – β€œYat pinde
    tat brahmaande” means that there is a micro universe inside each one of us, and whatever is
    outside is all within us. So taking care of ourselves makes sense. Fulfill your own energies and
    mend the cracks in your vessel and the world around you will automatically be well and healthy.
    Being respectful begins with self respect, loving someone or loving a lot of people begins with
    self esteem and caring for people begins with self care. It is a holographic universe afterall !

  • Juliana Xhelali

    5 February 2021 at 17:48
    335 NTL Score

    All I have to say about this, is: “WOW”. Such a simple story and yet, such a powerful message behind it. I can’t even find the right words to write this comment.

    Everything you said is so true and I couldn’t agree more with it. Thank you, Geetanjali, for sharing such an interesting and motivational story with us! To be honest, it really brightened up my day.

    Please, keep sharing more of your stories here in the forum! Stay safe!


    • Minke Tromp

      7 February 2021 at 14:24
      930 NTL Score

      I agree Julia, it is amazing. Thanks to @TheStoryteller ! Wondering what you will write with the restriction of 300 words for the Final Feedback session πŸ˜‰

      • Geetanjali Jha

        10 February 2021 at 05:32
        22 NTL Score

        Thank you Minke, it was my first time writing a story and I know that it may be missing many elements. I will keep going back and be the Beethoven πŸ˜€

        I have posted my final assignment,I hope you like it.

        Eager to meet you today.

    • Geetanjali Jha

      10 February 2021 at 05:30
      22 NTL Score

      Thank you so much for the appreciation. I’m so glad that the story made you feel good. I will surely write more and publish here as and when I write πŸ™‚

      Have a wonderful day.

    • Geetanjali Jha

      10 February 2021 at 05:35
      22 NTL Score

      Thank you so much for the appreciation Juliana. I’m super happy that you liked it. I will definitely post more stories as and when. I write them. πŸ™‚

      Have a wonderful day.

      Love ,Geetanjali

  • Rosa Calandra

    5 February 2021 at 22:37
    1123 NTL Score

    The story contains from the very beginning many magical and fascinating elements. And, the final message is so full of truth and purity that I hope it will reach every single member of the community!

    Thanks for this beautiful story Geetanjali. It made my mind travel & found itself inside the whole story (even in the water with its green algae πŸ™‚ )

    I find it full of stimuli and inspiration and so so much to reflect on!

    Yes! Let’s reflect on self-love. We still have so much to learn and improve.

    And to do this we must start indeed from ourselves, from our own spirit and will.

    Also because, as you say very well, this is the only way we can truly take care of the outside world as well.

    If someone would like to start practicing self-love, what are the first elements you would like to suggest?

    Are there in your opinion more important components than others?

    Also because it seems like a long job that requires devotion and commitment.

    I am so looking forward to hear your Final story next Wednesday, it will be meaningful.



  • Geetanjali Jha

    10 February 2021 at 05:45
    22 NTL Score

    Rosa!!!!!! I’m overwhelmed by such an exhaustive and detailed appreciation ! I really did not believe my story was good, but looking at it from your angle now, has evoked some sympathy in my mind for the story. As I said in the 2nd face to face session, I have this big fat imposter syndrome, I guess that is what stops me from appreciating my work. I posted it with a lot of doubt in mind, but I did it because I needed to move ahead in the course. It was good thing that this was a mandatory project and time bound, otherwise I might have spent a lifetime and not written a story that satisfied me. πŸ˜‚

    I would surely talk with you about the self love concept and how I understand it. It will be interesting to do some work upon it. As far as the first step goes, I think it would be forgiving oneself and letting go of guilt.

    That’s definitely one which opens up a huge can of worms as people find it easy to forgive others for blunders but are often very harsh with their own mistakes. It is the first and the hardest step. Then the other steps follow. 😊

    We can talk about it at length and maybe I can try to produce some content for it. Some stories perhaps. Let’s see.

    I’m waiting to meet you all today in the final feedback session. Lots of butterflies fluttering by in my stomach. πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹

    Have a good day

  • Marion Kerkhof

    10 February 2021 at 14:00
    111 NTL Score

    What a beautifull story!!!

    And what an aswome metaphore for selflove and selfcare!

    I really like this one…

    You should have schrinked this one for your final, I liked this one better. It’s a novel to read. You did great, don’t hesistade to write more of those lovely stories. 🀩

  • Giusy Naitana

    11 February 2021 at 07:36
    0 NTL Score

    Dear Geetanjali

    Thank you so much for writing this wonderful story on self love.

    It was a long time since I visited The Black sheep community, and luckily for me I found your story on self love.

    I love everything about it, and really needed to read this. I will also be very very Happy to read the final version to my children, to my brothers and sisters and share it with my friends.

    I feel that your story has a healing power, and the element of fresh water might be a part of that.

    I am a filmmaker and a very visual person and your story as I read it could definitely be turned into a film.

    Keep up the good work, and promise to never stop writing stories.

    Many warm greetings from Denmark.

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