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  • Who am I?

     Salomé Jung updated 9 months, 1 week ago 4 Members · 7 Posts
  • Salomé Jung

    28 February 2021 at 14:55
    5 NTL Score

    Hey everyone, sharing here my assignment for the storytelling telling course! Let me know what you think about it, I’d be glad to read from you guys.

    Have a nice sunday

  • Rosa Calandra

    1 March 2021 at 17:53
    1123 NTL Score

    Hello Salomè, we are happy you made this Unforgettable Story Telling journey.

    Thank you for sharing your result.

    I think in your case it was the incessant desire to ask yourself and feel the need to give you an answer that has always given you the tenacity to move forward and forward.

    I also think that you might enjoy our Mastery Classes on Story Telling, together with other members.

    • Salomé Jung

      5 March 2021 at 13:43
      5 NTL Score

      Yes indeed Rosa 🙂 thanks for your reply, I will check the link you sent me by mail about this Masterclass

  • Francesco

    2 March 2021 at 16:08
    32 NTL Score

    I always find it helpful to ask myself the strangest and often the most difficult questions.

    And I have no peace until I respond appropriately. Maybe it happens to you too?

    If yes, what really motivates your research in finding the right answers?

    Thank you Salomè for sharing your work.

    • Salomé Jung

      5 March 2021 at 13:37
      5 NTL Score

      Hey thank your for your response ! Yes of course like I wrote this question has became the meaning of my life. A personal quest. I guess what motivates me is a simple yet intense curiosity about life. The more I get to know who I am and understand what I am, the more I get to know and understand others and the world. So, yeah it is the purpose I chose to give to my life 🙂 Being always on the quest of discovery

  • Marion Kerkhof

    3 March 2021 at 11:08
    111 NTL Score

    Hi Salomé,

    I like how you wrote all the questions down. And how you start with who you are not to find out who you are.

    I learned a while ago what you don’t want is easy so the opposites are what you want. When I read your paper made me think of that lesson.

    To define who you are not, defines who you are?

    I also think this “Who Am I” quest is a beautiful quest for everyone to think of once in a while.

    I wrote in December a poem in dutch for a conquest about that simular question and its amazing how every individual thinks in different ways to get an outcome. I think that is fascinating, thank you for sharing this insight with us.

    • Salomé Jung

      5 March 2021 at 13:42
      5 NTL Score

      Hey Marion! Thank you for your reply I appreciate what you’re sharing about the poem you wrote about this common theme.

      Yes beginning with defining who and what I am not in order to find out who I am is a process that came to me naturally, it was the easiest step to take to begin this path of self -discovery. A bit like removing all the layers that used to shroud my true authentic being.

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