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Let this become our haven.
The place to grow like only Forward Thinkers can.

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Now, to begin, besides filling your profile, I would love to hear from you:

How would you like to change your impact?
And when you are not being realistic, how would you like your impact to be then? ; )

The moderation team, the other members and myself are curious and would love to hear from you!


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  1. Hi everyone

    I was attracted by the name(Blacksheep). I am indeed In search for a haven. I like play of words. Whether in music, books and/or movies. I love the idea of expressing yourself in poems or song. Finding comfort in how you spoke your heart-out and not so much in being understood. Be able to sing about a heart break, to heal your own soul while trying to reach a million other people. I have a lot to say. I guess I am looking for refuge, where I can get unbiased opinions, constructive criticism and just be able to offload all thoughts that come rushing through my head. So I can also control my anxiety, while trying to get over the thought that I am misunderstood. I am the black sheep☺️

  2. my name is vaibhavi .i am student of science . i like to talk with different people from different countries . i don’t know how to express myself clearly but i am trying .i like to read books . i like to makes good changes in world or in some people who are having difficulties in their life. and my best quality is i can understand other person with talking with them . i like to observe people .i like story telling , drawing, travelling and phtographing and passion about science

  3. I’d love to explore my interests to you, infact I have many ideas/ themes/ topics in my mind, I always try to explore them in written form but, I was failed at Every time . So I’d like to learn those narrative techniques.

  4. Thank you for having me, I’m experienced in Information Technology as an Infrastructure Manager with a history of working in the industrial automation industry. Skilled in IT Strategy, Data Center, Management, Project Portfolio Management, and Pre-sales.